Mapa Kanturu

2020-11-29 15:09:29
KANTURU (Original map modified from Season 5 Episode 4)
Income level

From Level 160
Kanturu 2 Level 160
Kanturu 3 Level 230

Data New map where you can find powerful monsters.
Monsters Berserk, Splinter Wolf, Iron Rider, Satyros, Blade Hunter, Kentarus, Gigantis, Genocider, Persona, Twin Tail, Dread Fear, Nightmare, Hands of Maya, Hands of Maya, Warrior Berserker, Warrior Kentarus, Warrior Gigantis, Warrior Genocider
This map is characterized by welcoming the new monsters which will do whatever it takes so that you cannot finish the new Nightmare Event.
Last Updated on Sunday, 03 April 2011 12:56
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