Dungeon Map

2020-11-29 19:16:19
Income level To Enter Dungeon You need level 20, Next Dungeon
Dungeon 2 50 (2,000 zen)
Dungeon 3 60 (3,000 zen)
Data It is recommended that you enter well prepared, you never know when you get lost in these mazes
Monsters Skeleton, Larva, Cyclops, Ghost, Skeleton Archer, Hell Hound, Hell Spider, Elite Skeleton, Thunder Lich, Poison Bull Fighter, Dark Knight, Gorgon.
The Masmorras of the Continent, here the Demonic Souls were sent, and the controllable Creatures of Evil, the entire Mu Continent is Above these Masmorras of Suffering Souls, Ogres, and Demons of Evil
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