Mapa Atlans Abyss (S14 EP2)

2020-11-29 15:35:18

1. New Map Atlans (Abyss)

- Atlans (Abyss) consists of 3 regions.

- The level of monsters is different in each region.

- Some monsters have high rank attacks.

- All monsters in Atlans (Abyss) have resistance to options (Critical Damage Chance Increase and Excellent Damage Chance Increase).

- All monsters in Atlans (Abyss) have resistance to the Debuff of the Enhanced Tree Skill.

2. How to Login

1) Required Level

Atlans 1 (Abyss) Required Level 1000

Atlans 2 (Abyss) Required Level 1020

Atlans 3 (Abyss) Required Level 1030

2) Movement Window

- You can enter Atlans (Abyss) from the movement window, when you move to the map it will cost you 50,000 Zen.

3. Drop Atlans (Abyss)

- In Atlans by killing a monster you can get the excellent Eye Soul items.

4. Monster Atlans (Abyss)

Bahamut abyss

410 ~ 460
Lives in Atlans (Abyss) 1/2/3

Vepar Abyss

Lives in Atlans (Abyss) 1

Silver Valkyre Abyss

Lives in Atlans (Abyss) 2

Lizard King Abyss

Lives in Atlans (Abyss) 3
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