Other System Complementario (Season 9)

2020-11-29 18:55:12

1. New Kind of Muun

- This new type of Muun is added.
- There is normal Muun and mount type Muun.
- The type can be checked in the information of the Muun.

1). Normal Type

Normal Type

- The normal type Muun when equipped is seen around the character.
- Maintains its appearance within the safe area of each map.

2). Mount Type

Mount Type

- The mount type Muun when equipped can be seen as a mount Muun.
- To activate the Muun as a mount, it must be activated with an icon that is in the lower left part of the screen.
- Its appearance changes within the safe zone of each map.

3). Mounting and Non-mounting Method

- The Build / No Build button is displayed at the bottom left of the game screen.
- Direct access key for Assembly / No Assembly (CRTL + Z).

In the safe zone, Chaos Castle and Illusion Temple cannot be mounted as the Muun mount type.

2. Other Features

- Skill ability is added on Pet Muun.
(The Muun Skill Damage is according to the character's Damage).

1). Skill characteristic types

- The current characteristic of the skill is the cooldown and number of consecutive attacks.
- The characteristic of the skill could be very different between the reuse and the number of attacks.
- The increase in the level of the Muun can vary the number of consecutive attacks.
- However, the cooldown does not vary only in cases of special powers activated according to the Muun's characteristic.

3. Sub-slot is added

The Sub-slot where existing Muun can be equipped has been activated.

1). Sub-slot

- The inventory of the Muun system is displayed with the (Y) key and on the right side is the Sub-slot where you can equip the existing Muun.
- When equipping a Muun in the Sub-slot, only the characteristics will be applied, but the Pet Muun will not be visible within the game screen.
- In the Sub-slot you can also equip the Muun type mount and it will be able to activate the Mount / No Mount.

The same Muun cannot be equipped in the secondary and main slot.

4. Exchange system

A new system is added by which you can create "Evolution Stone" through the NPC Monica.

- Buy the "Muun energy converter".
- In the NPCs of each city you can buy the Muun energy converter "which has an energy of 0/120.
- When buying the "Muun energy converter" it will be taken to the Muun inventory.

1). List of NPCs that sell the "Muun Energy Converter"

Elf Lala
Wizard Isabel
Potion girl

2). Raise the Energy Level "Muun Energy Converter"

Raising the Bar on Muun Energy Converter
Magic stone

- The "Muun energy converter" has a maximum energy level of 120 that when reaching the maximum the "Magic Stone" will be created.
- To increase the energy level of the "Muun energy converter" you have to destroy the Muun on "Muun energy convert".
- By devastating the Muun on the "Muun energy converter" the Muun will disappear.
- The energy charge levels of the "Muun energy converter" are different depending on the class and level of the Muun.

3). Charge levels of the "Muun energy converter" depending on the class and level of the Muun

Rating / Level
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5

4). Items needed for the exchange

Magic stone

5. Changing the "Magic Stone"

At the NPC Monica, you can exchange the "Magic Stone" for other items.
Currently only the exchange for an "Evolution Stone" is available.

NPC Monica

1). How to change the "Magic Stone"?

- Go to the NPC Monica which is located in Cleveland (24, 229).

- In the NPC Monica open the Replacement window.
- In the Replacement Window look for the desired option.
- By clicking on Replace the "Magic Stone" will be changed to "Evolution Stone"

It is necessary to have free space in the Muun inventory.
Muun Inventory: Required space 1 * 1
Character Inventory: Required space 4 * 4

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