Inventory Items

2020-11-29 15:19:38

In Mu Blue from Season 5 Episode 4 the Inventory Items option is added, which depending on the item can reinforce the damage, HP, SD, MP, and are purchased through the Mu Item Shop.

Inventory Item Features

SCULPT: Increases the character's attack powers.
CHARM: Increases the Status of the Character.
ARTIFACTS: Increase the configuration characteristics of the server.

Figurine of Hawk
Increase Critical Damage + 10%
Figurine of Antelope
Increase Excellent Damage + 10%
Oak Charm
Increase HP +50
Golden Oak Charm
Increase HP +100 & SD +500
Worn Horseshoe
Increase Drop Rate by + 20%

NOTE: Items of the same type cannot be used at the same time.

Statue of Hawk + Statue of Goral = not working
Statue of Hawk + Golden Oak Charm = yes they work

How to use
To be able to activate or deactivate the inventory items you have to right click on the item.

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