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Guild System

The guilds play an important part in the MU. They create communities among the players and the goals are to help each other within the game. Some guilds are also created to unite players of great power together. Guild rules differ depending on the Guild Master or the rules that were set during the creation of the Guild.

How to create a Guild

Creating a guild is totally simple:
To request to create a Guild you must go to Devias (215, 45) in the center of the city where the NPC "Royal Guard Captain Lorence" is located. In order to create a Guild, you need certain requirements.

  • In order to create a Guild you must have at least Level 100.
  • The guild name must be at least 4 characters long.

Royal Guard Captain Lorence


Guild creation and logo

After informing the NPC of your intention to create a Guild, you must provide a name to the Guild and create a Guild logo. Once a guild name and guild logo have been created, no corrections can be made so we advise that you choose each one with extreme care.
From the eX700 it is mandatory to belong to a GENS family to be able to create a guild.

Step 1: Create Guild
Step 2: Enter name and create Logo
Step3: Confirm Creation

Guild Entry Form

Opening the command window by pressing "D" we select the Guild option and mark the Guild Master to request entry to the Guild.


Guild Capacity

The maximum capacity of the Guild in the characters (Blade Master, High Elf, Grand Master, Fist Master, Dimension Master, Duel Master) is 40 members.
The maximum Guild capacity in the Dark Lord is 80 members.

Guild Formula in the Dark Lord
Guild Capacity: level / 10 + command / 10

Guild Quick Guide

  • The guild menu is "G".
  • To invite someone to the guild, type "/ guild" and point your cursor over the applicant.
  • To propose a guild duel, type "/ war i / o GuildWar (the name of the Guild)"
  • To propose a Battlesoccer challenge, type "/ battlesoccer (the name of the Guild)"
  • To Enter a Guild, type "/ guild" and point your cursor over the Guild Master.
  • Guild Masters can post news for Guild using @ then message
  • Guild Masters can only Disband the Guild

To cancel / disband a Guild you just created, press "G" and then "cancel." The canceled guild cannot be restored, so you must be careful when canceling it.

If you are already a member of the Guild, and not a Guild Master, and you wish to leave the Guild you are currently in, you should press the "Leave" button, instead of the "Cancel" button.

Guild Competition


Commando: / war or GuildWar (guildname)

The Guild Master has the ability to challenge another guild to war. Once the other Guild agrees to the duel, members of both Guilds can immediately attack each other.

With the Guild duel, your items do not drop when you die. In the event that you are challenged to a duel by the Guild Master of the other Guild, the above screen will appear. If you do not want to engage in a duel, you can reject the offer by pressing the "cancel". While enjoying the game, you can be repeatedly challenged to a Guild duel. In that case you can block requests by setting your option to "request from". Request off is a function to block all incoming orders for trade, match play, and duel requests from the Guild. Flagging your "request via the Request on Command" option will make the Guild's duel requests possible again.

Guild allies / enemies

Guild Alliance

Guild alliances allow Guilds to form alliances with a certain Guild which will assist them in the fight for the Dragon Castle in Loren Valley.

Each Guild must have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 allies.

A Guild that will experience an alliance must decide who will be the main Guild in their alliance as the secondary Guilds will be considered the subordinates of the main Guild.

Determine the main Guild for an alliance The sub-Guild must be the one to request an alliance with the main Guild.

Main Guild - The Guild Master of the main Guild will be considered the lord of the castle when the alliance assumes control of the castle.

Allied Guilds - Guilds or extensions of aid that can help defend the castle are considered.

Allied Guild names will appear in green to indicate your allegiance to them.

Guild Hostility

Guilds can now declare hostilities towards other Guilds. When this is allowed all opposing Guild members will appear as flagged for PK and no penalty will be given for attacking and killing opposing Guild members.

Hostile Guild names will appear red on your screen as if they were flagged as Outlaw. Attacking and defeating hostile Guild members will not flag you as an Outlaw.

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